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eve Motion Wireless Motion Sensor (Thread)

eve Motion Wireless Motion Sensor (Thread)

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EVE HomeKit Motion sensor can accurately detect your movements, and Bluetooth pairing is equipped with new Thread conduction technology, allowing you to activate connected accessories more quickly. From the moment you open the door to your home, it can help you drive the desk lamp or light strip connected to the smart socket, and instantly light up every lamp in your home without having to use your hands.

feature of product:

*No bridging required, Bluetooth conducts linked commands
*120 degree wide angle x sensing distance up to 9 meters
*Dynamic sensing, you can start smart life when you go home
*Light in size and easy to install in any occasion
*IPX3 waterproof for daily use, no need to worry about wet environment

Product specifications:
Dimensions: 65x65x64 (mm)
Accessories: AA batteries*2
Warranty: non-human factors, one-year original factory warranty. (Accessories are consumables and are not covered by the warranty.)
Origin: Taiwan Source of goods: Company goods
NCC certification: CCAN22LP0710T0

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